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Mad Hatter Strikes Again!

The Mad Hatter Struck Again last night with a wrap-up party of our 2023 Mad Hatter Journey Through Music Fashion Show Fundraiser for our wonderful models who didn't get to see the show because they were behind the scenes or on the runway itself.

Extra fans and cooling systems were brought in to combat the heat in the La Brisa party room as the video began, but the room was full of excitement, joy, and the roar of ecstatic laughter as the highlights were shown. We are so grateful to all our models, and everyone enjoyed reliving the show.

The residents and staff of the Independence Village would like to thank Susan Bailey and Melinda Emmons again for their hard work and dedication to this event to benefit our cause to keep The Independence Village funded. It is the only one of its kind in Galveston County.

The heart of the Village is to find the individual thing for every single person so that they can have an independent lifestyle.

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